How Are You Feeling?

Hmm, I’m feeling

like the October breeze beneath a surfing current and stormy day in November. A black reflection of the road. I feel like falling into a pool bare naked in wet colors of the rainbow to dye a white wall with my body paint. I want to wrap my arms around a tree and become one, standing tall sprouting from earth in the seasons of summer, autumn, spring, and winter. I’m feeling like falling from a plane with no parachute on white cotton clouds, as I disappear melting into the sun rays. I want to swim in lavender oil floating on purple Mountain Pansies. I’m feeling like taking a journey through Africa to stoke the fur of a Lion and Zebra stripes. I want my smile to stretch from planet edges into the universe, making a jigsaw puzzle of the stars. I’m feeling like living on edge of a cliff by the ocean, so I can spend a life time watching my reflection in the sunset of the water.

Wate 3


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