Who Should I Be

Who Should I Be

I put on my panties
One leg at a time
Ready to face the world

Though the world is not ready
To face me.

I truck out the door
With a painted smile
Cruising in Big Bertha

Closing the door
Not realizing I left myself
In the car

I walk in the room
Trying to be
They told
Me to be

Being the change
social butterfly
with grace
and tact

That person I was told to be

Not that chill
Wassup version
Of myself

That sailor cursing girl
Tangled in intellect
With witty words
Of checking
The disrespectful
With a little respect

Calling out
The bitches
Who mistook
Their wife’s draw
For their own

Just because you left
The house wearing
Her panties,
Doesn’t mean
You have to let everyone know

The best version of myself
Is never enough

You make it against the law for me to be myself
When I walk in the room

Oh shit,
Did I just put
The Big V
Across my head

Oh well
It wouldn’t
Make a difference

I’m still searching myself
For the
True me

But when I’m thrown
In a herd different
Of my own
I’m always that person
Who broke
The camel’s back

I try to patch it
Even out
The broken hump

Why can’t I
Just be me

My wonderful me
Why can’t that ever be
Enough for you all.

FUCK who you think I outta be……..


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