Hot Sauce in Noodles


She unwraps the plastic around the colorful cardboard container for dinner and pours a cup of water into the cup of Ramen Noodles. She then pops the cup of noodles into the microwave and sets the timer for three minutes to cook.

As she waits, she decides to dump the plastic and cardboard picture in the garbage but first
admires the bright colors of the orange for carrots, green for peas, murky yellow for juice, bright yellow for corn, and the white back splash for the picture.

She dumps the waist into the garbage and trollops over to the silver steel refrigerator and opens the door in search for the mouth burning hot sauce bottle across from the blue and white oval shaped mayonnaise jar.

The microwave begins to beep and she walks over, takes it out, and set’s it on the counter. She reaches in the drawer below her to grab one of her mother’s fine china forks she shouldn’t be using and takes her first taste of the Ramen Noodles.

It is still a bit uncooked, so she sets the microwave for one more minute and stands there with her
hand on her hip waiting. Before the microwave makes it to the last second, she opens and snatches it out.

She grabbed the hot sauce and china fork of the counter, and flops onto the couch in front of the
TV dumping the entire bottle of hot sauce in the noodles and begins chumming down like a fat kid.

As her mother pulls into the driveway from work eager to get home and start dinner, she exits her minivan and heads to the front door. As soon as she steps in the first words out her mouth are,

“yuck, what is that disgusting smell.”


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